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A brief background

about Cogent Labs

Cogent Labs is a Collaborative Innovation Centre funded by Latent Ventures in Brisbane, Australia.

We work with driven entrepreneurs by collaborating across many disciplines such as business strategy, business model development, technological verification/evaluation/analysis, technology planning/resourcing, technical development, and if required appropriate corporate structures (including assistance with required investor documentation and disclosure).

Due to our eclectic approach our preferred engagement model is developing and guiding appropriate partner relationships that can guide entrepreneurs through the resolution of issues, methods to propel the opportunity, and ultimately towards the delivery of a sustainable commercial engagement.

Our number of partnerships are growing as well as our overall capabilities. Each partner operates a separate sustainable business with proven practices and market engagements that collectively deliver an increasing pool of capabilities entrepreneurs can benefit from, and importantly, develop with existing.

Some collaboration examples

Our Services

Ideation & Validation

Ideas recording and validation is key to any startup as a basis for good planning and Intellectual Property protection.

Development & Planning

Many entrepreneurs undertake product or service development activities too early without considering their business model.

Corporate Connections

By providing an active network of professionals we are able to assist at any stage in the development of nearly any opportunity.

Corporate Structuring

Sometimes existing corporate structures need to be re-evaluated in order to make them more flexible for investment, spreading of risk & better corporate governance.

Marketing Material

Often entrepreneurs are so involved in their business that they forget to explain the benefits & opportunity it delivers — guidance can make a big difference.

Operations Services

Establishing a business is totally different to managing the daily activities. We can draw upon partners whom have a deep experience in business administration & technical operations.

Some common stages used

Our Process

  • Formation
  • Validation
  • Creation
  • Operation
  • Evolution
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